Private Jet Cost

Flying a private aircraft is no longer an exclusive luxury for the rich only – the cost of a private plane is not like that of a low-cost plane ticket, but it is with no doubt a unique, prestigious and luxurious experience that can be afforded.

Still, the most common question we get is: How much does it cost to have a private jet. Whether it’s for buying or for a private charter flight, it is obvious why this is the most popular question we encounter. In order to give you a quote, there are many things to take under consideration on our side, and we try very much to explain it to our costumers in the simplest of ways – without getting into technical language.

Our beautiful private jets

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The Factors That Influence the Private Plane Cost

When taking a private flight, the cost is not only the price for renting the aircraft. There are different variables in calculating the cost of the flight:

Supply and demand

During the high season the prices might be higher because of high demand. Also, during holidays or the high season the most common or cheap jets will be busy and the available ones might be more expensive or bigger (and therefor will cost more). We will always do our best to make sure that we offer you the best price there is on the market at the time of your flight!

Duration of Stay

The time you will stay at the destination and whether you will stay there over night or not makes a difference. If the plane has to stay grounded on the airport for a day, it means it cannot be used for other flights during this time and you will need to pay for that "missing" time, in addition to parking fees and crew accommodation and per-diem. An overnight stay will add about $2,000 to $3,000, depending on the destination.


This includes the departure airport, destination airport and aircraft location. If there is an available aircraft at the departure airport, the cost is significantly reduced. Also, some airports are more rural than others, or more dangerous, and these types of differences may also impact the price. Another important thing to remember is that smaller jets have a smaller fuel tank – and if the distance to the destination is larger than the distance the jet can make, you will probably need to stop for gas or use a bigger jet. These scenarios mean larger cost. On the other hand, larger aircraft may not be able to land in smaller airports if the runway is too short.

Round Trip

One way to avoid paying for the grounding time of the jet is to make a one-way trip. But it is important to notice that if there are no passengers on the flight back, you may have to pay for both directions. This may happen because a private flight is tailored to your special needs, including specific destinations where sometimes there are no other passengers to use the aircraft on the way back. In case the flight back is empty, you will have to pay for both directions.

Fuel rates

As we all well know, the fuel price change every once in a while, and it is one of the biggest factors when calculating the cost of the flight. The size of the plane and the distance of the flight will determine how much fuel will be needed.

Number of passengers

There are aircraft suitable for 8 passengers and there are for 19 passengers or more, and each aircraft has slightly different costs. In the world of aviation, there are light, super-light, mis-size, super mid-size, heavy and ultra-long range jets. We adjust the type of aircraft according to the number of passengers, the destination distance, availability, and your requirements and budget, in order to provide the best value at the most convenient price. The private jet rental cost varies according to the size of the jet – it is no surprise that bigger planes will cost more than small business jets with 8 seats.

private jet cost

Global – one the most wanted business jets out there. Just look how elegant is it’s style!

Private Jet Price Examples

The prices shown here are for illustration only. They are calculated for an aircraft of a mid-size category, 8 passengers, on a round trip from Israel, with a stay of 6 hours at the destination, without staying for the night. All the prices shown here are true to March 2022.

The prices of a private jet for relatively close destinations (around the Mediterranean) are around 13 to 18 thousand US dollars:

  • The price of a flight to Greece is $13,000 for those landing in Heraklion or $18,000 when landing in Athens.
  • The cost of a private jet to Turkey (Istanbul) will be similar to Greece and will be $18,000.
  • A flight to Mykonos costs $16,000.

Flight prices of more “classic” destinations in Europe range from $25,000 to $40,000 per flight:

  • A flight to Rome will cost $25,000
  • Flight to Paris will be $36,000
  • London will cost $40,000, as will Lisbon on the edge of the Mediterranean
  • A private jet to Amsterdam costs $37,000

Another exotic destination nowadays is the Persian Gulf: If you fancy a flight to the new destination opened for Israelis, namely Abu Dhabi, the cost is $31,000.

טיסת מנהלים

Luxury does not necessarily mean expensive

Time Is REALLY Money

Usually in our world, renting a private jet is for business flights. The work life of businesspeople requires world-wide connections, and it is critical to move from place to place quickly, efficiently, and sometimes at short notice. In case of business flights, it is not a cliché to say that time is money.

A business jet flight is a flight where your time is above all else. This means that you do not have to depend on the schedules of the airlines, and you can determine when you want to take off. But not only that – a significant advantage is that you can land at the airport closest to your destination, even if regular commercial flights do not get there for one reason or another.

In addition, private executive flights save the long waiting time at the airport – on a private flight you will arrive close to the flight, go through the ground process in the prestigious “Fattal” lounge at Ben Gurion Airport and, if necessary, we can also arrange transportation to and from the airport, so you do not have to waste even a moment.

private jet price is depending on the type of airplane

Relaxing on a comfortable couch when getting ready for your important meeting will change your whole flight experience and will guarantee a better meeting

An important thing to note when talking about private jet cost is that some companies have the transition price in the “Fattal” lounge already included in the quote, and some do not. In any case, we indicate in the quotation whether the price includes passage or not, and what the cost will be for the number of passengers. In case the price does not include the use of the lounge there is no obligation to pay for it and you can go through the regular terminal.

Another important thing to remember when we say Time is money is that one of the biggest benefits of private flights is that they provide inner peace and the ability to focus all the energy needed for the success of a business meeting or business activity. That’s why you will not find on the plane uninvited children or babies, crowded seats and neighbors listening to music nor watching movies at high volume. You will also not have to wait in line for the bathroom or wait your turn to serve food: Our flights include only the flight crew and guests you would like to add to you. This way you can rest, refresh and prepare for the task of which you are flying.

מטוס פרטי למטיסות מנהלים ועוד

Our business jets promise you the best flight with great food, comfortable seats, privacy and flexible times


What Are the Factors Influencing a Private Jet Rental Cost?

When we talk about the cost of a private jet, we are not just talking about the flight itself and the crew. The price includes:

  • Passenger tax.
  • Entrance to the luxury VIP lounge at Ben Gurion Airport or in other airports: On most of the flights. This includes also personal care for your luggage and aircraft preparation. We believe in honesty and that is why in each quote we make you can see exactly whether the price includes a pass in the “Fattal” lounge and if not, how much will the visit to the lounge cost for all passengers. If the visit to the VIP lounge is not included, you can also choose to go through the usual process at the regular terminal and there is no obligation to add a fee. The VIP lounge is designed for business and private flights and allows you to arrive a short time before to the take off (up to an hour), rest in spacious armchairs, refresh yourself with hot/ cold/ alcoholic drinks and treat yourself to refreshments while luggage and passports are managed by the ground handling agents.
  • Wonderful catering: Of course, there is no flight on a private plane without rich and wonderful treats, refreshing drinks and excellent food made by a chef (although we will reveal that there have been cases in the past in which our passengers wanted a meal from a specific restaurant and we took care of fresh and delicious delivery even in the middle of the night – all for your satisfaction!).
  • Other services: Depending on your needs, we can always find the best hotel for you at the destination you are flying to, a transfer from the airport to your expected destination (hotel, meeting, or office) and basically organize everything you need for a complete and successful experience. The advantage of our company CEO being an active pilot himself is that his passport does not rest much and so he visited in many good restaurants in almost every country, and can recommend museums, hotels for a variety of budgets, shops worth visiting and can also tell you the weather in different seasons in many destinations – so we will always be happy to give you first-hand recommendations.

luxury desserts is also part of private jet cost

These good looking treats are from one of the flights we operated. We can promise you it’s even tastier than it looks!

What are the Benefits of a Private Flight?

Flying in a private jet is much more than just flying – but a pampering experience overall:

השכרת מטוס פרטי

So many benefits when flying in a private flight. You get the whole pack from A to Z

How Much Does an Air-ambulance Cost?

Ambulance flights, also called medical flights or Med-evac, are flights in which we usually fly a specialist medical team from another country to Israel, or alternatively bring the patient to a specialist abroad, or repatriation of a patient. There are other cases that are considered ambulance flights:

  • Organizing rescue flights for Israelis in natural disasters (Remember the earthquake in Nepal in 2015? The CEO of our company, Eran Duvdevani, flew the first Israeli rescue plane to reach the area, with the Global 5000 jet he flew at the time).
  • Transfer of organs for transplantation.
  • Flying Israeli patients who preferred to be treated by the Israeli health services than the health services in the country from which they came.

Medical flight in a private jet

On such flights we take care of everything needed on the plane: a stretcher, air medical staff (if necessary), oxygen and all the medical equipment needed for examination and treatment in any case. In addition, depending on the medical condition, we make sure to get priority in the airways.

The price of a private jet for an ambulance flight does not have to be significantly more expensive than a regular private flight, and the price depends very much on the patient’s condition, urgency, medical need of the flight and the aircraft size.

A medical flight we operated – flying back a COVID-19 sick Israeli to get treatment in Israel

How Does Our Private Jet Price Offer Look Like?

When we get a call from you, after understanding all your needs, we contact the different operators we work with and check their airplanes’ availability for the relevant time. We will always prefer the aircraft which suits your need the best – a plane not too small but also not too expensive – so when we know which jets are available, we look for the ones that will be right for you.

Then we send you a quotation. Let us promise you that our price offer is very detailed just right – we know that most of the people does not know the difference between the Challenger 650 and the Hawker 800XP. We make sure you can make a decision with all the information you need without getting too confused with a technical language.

Because we believe in honesty, our quotations have the highest level of transparency. We offer you a few options, the best suitable ones for the needs of your flight. Every option is analyzed with the next details:

  • Jet’s name, model and manufacturing year (and refurbishment, if any)
  • Operator credentials, country of registration.
  • Number of seats
  • The layout of the seats on the aircraft (with a sketch)
  • Cabin height dimensions
  • Cabin width dimensions
  • Cabin length dimensions
  • Price
  • Exterior and interior photos

After analyzing each offer, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in a clear and simple manner:

We compare the differences with graphics to make it easier and faster to understand so you will be able to choose the one you feel will be the right one:

Then, on our last page of the quotation, we give you our advice which operator to choose and all the technical details regarding a private flight: COVID-19 conditions, catering information, cancellation policy, payment policy, etc.

After your consent, we will send you a contract for signing, followed by payment. 24 hours prior to the flight, we will send a briefing with all the flight’s details, contacts, maps, meeting points, etc. Of course, we will follow the flight and report to whoever you request the departures, ETA and actual arrivals. We always attend the dispatch for flights departing Israel.

If you wish to look at an example of how our quotations look like, we welcome you to click here.

That can be you, flying in this gorgeous Falcon to your vacation or your important work

All you need to Know About Our Heavy and Ultra-long Range Jets

These Jets are great for business flights with around ten to fifteen passengers. Because of their cabin height (around 1.85 meter or more, usually) they are very comfortable for walking or standing (even though we believe you will prefer to sit most of the flight and enjoy the comfortable seats and the extended room for your legs).

In this category, the widest jets are the Bombardier Challenger 850, Bombardier Challenger 604 and the Bombardier Global 6500, 5500 & Global 7500 with a two and half meters of width in the cabin, as well as the Dassault Falcon family (900/7X/8X and in the near future- the 6X, the widest and tallest cabin cross section In the industry) and the Gulfstream 500/600/650 family. .

The highest one is the impressive Bombardier Global 7500 with 1.94 meter inside the cabin, so even the tall ones can stand up straight.

The longest jet is the Bombardier 7500 which also have 4 cabin zones, including a full state room with a shower! The one with the most luggage volume is Embraer Legacy 600/650 (Which is also the second longest jet on this category).

Here is all you need to know about them:

All you need to Know About Our Midsize and Super Midsize Jets

These ones are just great for a flight for small groups or even singles. They are smaller than the large business jets of the previous category and that is part of their specialty! This category is probably one of the favorable ones and we can assure you will enjoy your time on board.

Note: A Too-Cheap Private Flight is an Illegal Flight!

More than once, customers have contacted us and told us that for a plane similar to the one we offered them they received a significantly lower quote. Since we are committed to full transparency, reliability and integrity, the prices we offer are not inflated and vice versa – we look for the most discounted solutions according to the availability and needs of the customer.

The reason for the price difference is that there are companies that offer illegal flights, and thus they can offer the lowest price at 50% of what is accepted in the market.

What is an illegal flight? A person using his private plane for the purpose of flying other people for a fee must be monitored for safety and have official papers confirming this aircraft is safe and suitable for the use of commercial flights. It does not matter whether the pilots wear ironed uniforms or glittering ranks – the flight is still illegal.


Not always the cheapest is the best. Be careful of illegal operators!

This is a real danger because a private jet which is not certified for commercial use, there is no close supervision of any authority over the aircraft, the pilots are not under any supervision of training nor appropriate certification, there is no supervision of aircraft maintenance, and no built-in safety management system. Also, the duty time and the necessary rest hours of the pilots are not limited, there are no drug and alcohol tests for the crew and in case the local aviation authority decides to carry out a surprise inspection – the passengers may find themselves detained for questioning.

Above all, in illegal flight there is no insurance coverage for passengers, even on the smallest incident (God forbid).

Therefore, a passenger looking to save money is advised to contact us – we know which companies are legal, and which are not. The company’s CEO himself is a pilot who adheres to all procedures and regulations, and we can easily help you identify whether the quote you received is legal or not – even if we do not execute the flight or get any payment.

פנים מטוס

A safe flight is a quiet flight, where you do not need to worry about insurance, inspections or (above all) your safety.

How to Pay Less? A Secret Tip

We recommend you follow our Facebook page, where we occasionally post about empty flight (like here for example) at attractive prices of 70-80% off the full price of the flight. An empty flight is a passenger-free flight, and aircraft owners/ airlines would rather fill the flight with passengers at a discounted price than fly a non-profit plane at all. So sometimes when a plane flies from one destination to another in only one direction we take advantage of the opportunity and can get you a discounted private flight.

מטוסים למכירה - מטוס פלקון

Empty legs occur once in a while so stay tuned and follow us – maybe you will be able to reduce your flight cost!

Case Study

The requested times indicate a 5 nights layover in Rome.

The aircraft chosen is: Hawker 800XP
At the price $29,000 per direction, exclusive of VIP lounges.
(Some companies offer an "all in" price, which includes the VIP lounges, but always exclusive of de-icing).
The luggage is limited to 6 large suitcases, or 8-10 medium trolleys plus hand-bags or backpacks.

Since the aircraft cannot layover on Rome for 5 nights, due to previous obligations, the charge is twice the price of a one-way, which means

$ 10

Should the aircraft be able to layover, the price would be a one-way price plus $2,500 for every night, for parking fees, crew hotel, per-diem and a minimum of 2.5 hours flight wage for each crew member, to compensate for their away from home without flying.
So, in such a case, the charge would be:

$29,000 + 5 X $2,500 = $41,500

After the client agreed to the terms, a flight contract is sent and signed

We will send an invoice for the full amount, to be paid in full, maximum 48 hours prior to departure, by a bank transfer.
All transfer fees will be at the customer's expense.

We will ask for catering preferences, sensitivities and allergies.

Client will provide scanned copies of passports of all passengers,
medical certificates (if required by the countries),
dog's veterinarian passport and vaccination certificate.

24 hours prior to departure, we will send a comprehensive brief, including schedule, meeting points, contacts and maps of the terminals.

In flights departing Israel, we will meet the passengers at the Fattal lounge, to make sure the process is smooth and that the passengers were met and taken care of by the handling agent.

We can also take care of ground transportation from the Ciampino airport to the city of Rome.
Let's assume a Merceds Viano van, to accommodate the passengers and their luggage.
The price for this service would be approx. €80-€100 per direction.

Why Fly with Us?

Our company was established and is managed by a pilot with many years of experience in flying large executive jets. That is the reason why we have extensive experience in the field and we know what is important to you when boarding a private flight:

We promise you will have the best experience with us, from A to Z we offer the most professional option on the market with great experience and excellent service around the clock.