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Here at Jet Ways we specialize in private charter flights. We take very seriously every inquiry so our costumers will have the best experience when using our services. Your charter flight is always at our top priority.

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What is a private jet charter?

At some point in your life, you have probably rented a car. You contacted the rental company, booked the car you wanted, drove it yourself, filled its tank, maybe even fixed a flat tire if you had bad luck. You had to take care of everything while using the vehicle. Well, a private jet charter is about the absolute opposite.

When you charter you don’t only use the operator’s aircraft but you rent the whole package – The operator is responsible to fill up the fuel, to serve food, to staff crew, plan the flight and basically take care of everything. Your part is only to be there on time – You are a guest in the operator’s aircraft, and you should not worry about anything.

While on a car rental you pay for the whole time and the miles don’t count, on a charter flight you pay for each specific use. You fly one way – you pay, you fly two ways – that adds to the first lag you had. You pay for the miles you make.

When you take a private charter flight it comes built-in with the crew, meals, flight plans, taxes, gas and all the “behind the scenes” bureaucracy.

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Can a private jet flight land everywhere?

Mostly yes, but there is always a “but”. While private charter planes can access a vast number of airports, some fields are not possible to reach – sometimes it is too steep approach or the runway is too short for the selected jet.

Therefor we sometimes need to set another airport for landing for the chosen aircraft to land on – safe and easy. Also, in some cases it is possible to land but impossible to leave with the same plane.

For instance, not all the airports are international airports and not all those who are international are suitable. Israel has three international airports – Ben Gurion, Ramon and Haifa – but in Haifa jet planes can’t land, it has a too short runway. So in some cases, when our costumer’s flight is in a jet but wants to land in Haifa there’s a need to either change the plane or change the airport.

But rest assure we will find the best options for you! Our CEO is a business jet captain himself, and therefor knows the private jets’ world from the inside out – Which means you will get the best and we will make sure you will get the best value for money.

For example, not long ago a group of 12 have contacted us and asked for a private plane charter from Israel to Florence. The jet we found was perfect for them for the flight to Florence but unfortunately the same jet could not fly to Israel on the way back – there were a few factors combined: the runway length, the obstacles after take-off, the weight of the passengers and their luggage, the aircraft performance and the temperatures forecasted at the tie of departure, so all these factors ended up with the aircraft not being able to fly direct to Tel Aviv. So, we had to persuade the flight operator the replace the plane on the way back. But it turned out the operator change the jet to a smaller and cheaper one. As professionals who know their way around, we told the operator to reduce the cost of the flight or at least keep the price as it was, despite its will to charge more. Only professional charter broker, like us, would have known that the replacement jet is cheaper and have fought for their customer’s dollars.

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How does a private jet charter work?

We are what is called “Charter broker” – Something like a home retailer, but in the private flights’ world.

After you tell us your needs for the upcoming charter flight, we contact all the suppliers we work with. Just like a home retailer, our job is to match the best flight for your needs.

We will analyze all the options we have received from the flight operators and choose the final few options which we believe will suit you best. Then you will get from us all the information you need in order to decide which of the final options is best for you.

We are not representing any operator, nor getting any commission from them, hence we do not have a bypass on the selected aircraft- our goal is to give you, the customer, the best solution, and only those who fits your needs best.

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Your safety is not optional!

While some companies offer extremely low priced charter flights, there is a red flag waving above them.

We will never take our costumer’s safety easily! We work only with legal private charter flights operators and if we have the slightest bad feeling about the professionality of the operator we will never offer an illegal flight. Your safety and well-being is in our most top priority!

For more information about illegal charter flights see here.


  • A light jet will cost 3,000 to 4,000 euros per hour of flight.
  • Mid-size jet will cost around 4,000 to 5,000 euros per hour of flight.
  • A super mid-sized will be 5,000 to 7,000 euros per hour of flight.
  • A heavy jet is from 7,000 and up to 11,000 euros per hour of flight.
  • And an ultra long range jet will cost 12,000 to 20,000 euros per hour of flight.

You should know that a private flight is not like business class or first class in a commercial airline with some extras. It is a totally different experience; it has its own scale. You get to have the whole plane, which you will never have in first class.

Moreover, when you have the whole plane just for you, the cost divides in between the passengers you invite to join you. So, if you plan to go to Athens in an eight seats plane it will cost you 18,000-20,000 USD*. When you divide the total cost between 8 passengers you get only 2,250-2,500 USD for each. It is not as “cheap” as first class but it sure not as bad as it seems.

*As long as the plane does not wait for you to come back more than 6 hours. The price is estimated according to August 2022’s prices.

It depends on your needs. A private charter flight has advantages a commercial flight does not have, when the most important one is the security and personal safety. When choosing a private flight, you know exactly who boards with you and their health status. No need to worry about the guy with the running nose in the seat behind you or the coughing lady next to you. No worrying about any terrorist actions and etc. when using a private flight. If your health or safety and security are important to you – a private charter flight is definitely worth it.

There is also the time saving these flights offer. A private flight takes you from one point to the other, almost door to door – even to small airports. For example, if you wish to fly from Israel to Katowice in Poland for an important meeting or an amazing holiday – you can’t fly directly from Ben Gurion with a commercial flight. You will need to fly to Krakow or Warsaw according to the commercial flights’ timetable and then take another flight or rent a car in order to get to Katowice. But if you use a private charter flight you will be able to fly directly from Israel to Katowice at the timing you choose.    *Depends on the airports operating hours and if the plane fits the airport’s specifications.

Another bonus is that you get to decide the catering on the flight. If you’re a peaky eater or just sick of microwave-warmed tasteless meals than a private flight is worth it with no doubt.

And there are things so important you just can’t afford to lose. A few years ago, our CEO, a private jet pilot, was asked by his jet owner to depart as soon as possible to a destination in Europe. This was very urgent and important – the owner had a crucial meeting with another country’s prime minister. A few hours later the private jet had taken off. The owner managed not only to get there on time but to shower and rest a bit in his hotel before his important meeting (which was very successful eventually). No commercial flight could have offered this.

This is an example for a case in which money is not relevant – the most important thing was to get to that meeting on time and seal the deal.

In that case, the private charter flight was worth it.

Yes. As long as you have enough money to pay for the flight, you can fly in a private flight.

It is important to mention that in case you have any border restrictions, they still apply when taking a private flight. You will still need to go through passport control and if you can’t leave the country then a private flight will not be able to change that.

Also, since February 2022 Russian citizens can’t fly in aircraft operated or registered by countries who have declared sanctions on Russia. That includes anyone with a dual citizenship that one of which is Russian. That is another case which a private flight won’t help.