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Private Jet Rental

Providing a comprehensive solution and private jet rental services to business aviation clients


Private airplane rental or charter is our specialty.
You can be sure we only use legal private charter flights and we will not compromise on our customers' safety and well-being.


In dedicated freighter aircraft, or Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F), for ad-hoc series of full charter flights, to long-term ACMI, dry or wet lease, in conjunction with associates in the USA, Turkey, Australia, among others


We offer medical jet transport around-the-globe solutions, in cooperation with Medevac companies in all continents


Characterizing the travel needs of the client • locating the right platform • tailoring the right deal • managing the aircraft’s assimilation process • managing the operations of the aircraft


Aviation crisis management consultancy and security assessment for high risk destinations


After-market modification manufacturers and marketing of aviation products. Our contacts with Israeli Government agencies and the Israeli Air Force will enhance your business.

About Us

During the years, even before the foundation of
Jet Ways Aviation, we gained expertise in
dealing with aircraft sales and leasing, in all
forms (Dry, ACMI, Damp, Wet) as a private jet broker, from GA aircraft up to airliners size

Jet Ways Aviation is a privately-owned, aviation-enthusiast company. It was founded in 2009 by Mr. Eran Duvdevani, a mechanical engineer and an FAA & ICAA ATP license-holder, a private Global 6000 business-jet pilot, and targeted the business aviation market.

With worldwide ties and associates, we can find solutions to any challenge set forth by our customers. 

Just-in-time response, credibility and reliability, together with professionalism gained, we can provide executive jet services and comprehensive solutions to your needs.

Purchase, financing, insurance, maintenance and parts procurement options give you a whole
package, which will ease your way. 

Our company also consults on security measures, conducts surveys and training for aviation security.


Legacy 650
Legacy 650

13 passengers

Hawker 800XP
Hawker 800XP

8 passengers

Citation XLS+
Citation XLS+

9 passengers

Bombardier Challenger 650
Bombardier Challenger 650

10-12 passengers

Bombardier Challenger 850

14-16 passengers

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Our Uniqueness

The most important thing for us as a private jet broker is to stand up to our clients' expectations for a smooth, flawless operation and service, at the highest level of transparency and professionalism

Our quotations include few options, analyzing the differences between them, showing the real aircraft photos and cabin dimensions, and recommending the most cost-effective solution. By this, even the client, unfamiliar with the business aviation world, can make a decision, based on information and not only a hunch. We will also check for you, free of charge, other offers you got and consult on whether they are the right solution for you. 

We solve problems, whenever they arise, 24/7/365
We operate only with legal charter operators, who hold an Air Operator Certificates (AOC), who are regulated by an aviation authority, and not private jets who are not eligible for commercial operation
We will present only the truth, even if this means that there will be no flight
We attend every flight dispatch (in Israel), to make sure that everything is going smoothly and that our clients are taken care of properly by the ground handling agents
We sell only flights that we know they are operable


Some companies have the transition price in the lounge already included in the private jet quote, and some do not. In any case, we indicate in the quotation whether the price includes passage or not, and what the cost will be for the number of passengers. In case the price does not include the use of the lounge there is no obligation to pay for it and you can go through the regular terminal. We’ll do our best so you will enjoy your luxury private jet rental at most.

The private and business aviation lounge allows passengers to arrive shortly before the flight (usually up to an hour in advance) to sit and relax with a drink (hot, cold or alcoholic) and light refreshments while their luggage and passports are handled by the ground staff. From there you are transferred directly to your private plane.

A private jet rental is tailored to the customer’s measurements. While on a commercial flight passengers purchase a round-trip ticket, on a private flight the destination is specific to the customer and there are no passengers to fill the plane back to its base. Hence the customer pays the price of the round trip flight.

Generally, private jet flights adjust their schedule to yours. However, there may be factors that will affect the flexibility to perform the flight. These include airport opening hours, the jet’s flight schedule (if there are other flights that were scheduled before your flight), the crew and flight times (subject to the provisions of the law) or time-out issued by aviation authorities after booking a flight.

No. Our network of connections is world-wide and we can make flights from anywhere to anywhere in the world. There is no obligation to leave Israel or return to it.

Yes. The restriction on flights to these destinations is relevant for private plane which is registered in Israel and/ or arriving from Israel. We work with many companies whose planes are under foreign registration and if the plane leaves Israel, a short technical stop is made on the way to change flight plans. The plane can then fly to any destination indefinitely.

Paid flight in a private plane (a jet rental) is illegal and is not covered by the plane insurance in case of a foreign event. We only work with legal companies that are approved for commercial operation and the insurance policy covers such operation. In case of using a private plane on a commercial flight when they reach their destination that’s illegal, and we do not take part of illegal flights. A cheap private jet hire quote should rise a red flag.

In general, private jet hire costs are calculated according to the size of the aircraft (the number of people boarding it), the destination, the length of stay, the gas prices, if it’s a one-way or a two-way flight and taxes.

You can see specific price examples just down here.

We’ll be happy to answer them

How much does private jet flights cost?

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Tivat (Montenegro)
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Iraklion, Crete, Greece
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* In an 8-seat business-jet (Mid-size, Like hawker 800XP)* for two-way flight from Tel Aviv, with a 6-hours wait* Night lay-over, where applicable by aircraft availability, cost between $2,000-$4,000, depending on the destination * Where a lay-over is not optional, the price is per direction

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